Gasolin/Diesel Engine OPGW Cable Pusher or Pipe Blow-in Conveyor System as BEGALA Model for Assisting Underground Cable Laying

OPGW Cable Pusher, Firberglass duct rod Blow-in System Maching, Pipe Blow-in Conveyor Tractor

Optical cable Tractor adopts humanized design, simple operation, one person not only operates the machine, the equivalent of 4-5 people's labor, greatly reduces the labor cost of the enterprise expenditure, for the enterprise has brought greater benefits. Our factory specializes in the production of optical cable tractor, FRP perforation device, plastic pipe, motorized grinding, cable trailer, cable pulley and other equipment, scientific research and development, manufacturing, installation and construction as a whole, strong technical force, sophisticated production equipment, testing equipment. The production of optical cable tractor performance is excellent, track using high-strength wear-resistant rubber, so that the cable force is uniform, durable wear-resistant, high mechanical strength, long service life.


Product principle and use:

1, optical cable tractor machine is mainly composed of engine, variable box, transmission device three parts, transmission device jaws using up and down to give way, so that the optical cable effective free.

Traction machine with gasoline engine as the power source, through the variable box to drive the spindle of this wheel chain, chain bite conveyor belt, to achieve linear motion, the machine also installed support rod to support the machine in the operation of the fiber optic reaction force, to maintain the transmission of optical cables when the machine does not move.

2, the machine operation is simple, manually start the machine after the four Operation gear for (push, fast pull, air block, slow pull) to select the required gear. Before changing gears, the throttle must be adjusted to the idle state, put on the gear after the control of the throttle on the hand can be operated.

Turn off the extinguishing switch when you have finished using it.

Product Parameters

1 Traction: >250KG

2 Traction Speed: 20-88 m/min

4 Conveyor Port maximum opening size: 5mm-45mm

5 Applicable cables: 288 cores below/7*2.6/4*35m2 (OPGW cable/ACSR/Electric power cable)

6 Belt Size: Circumference 1000m * Width 60mm*12mm

7 Engine Gasoline Tank: 5 liters (90/92# gasoline)

8 Total equipment Power: 7.5 KW

9 Machine Size: 85*65*80cm/length * Width * height

10-Wire bracket size: outer diameter 100cm * Inner diameter 80cm (removable)

11 Machine Weight: 80KG 12 Gears: Push, fast pull, empty, slow pull

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