SA-YQ90 hydraulic puller  
□  order number :07041
□  Essential parameter
    Maximum linepull (kN):90
    Continuous linepull (kN):80
    Maximum linespeed (km/h):5
    Bullwheel bottom of groove diameter (mm):Φ520
    Bullwheel grooves number : 7
    Maximum suitable steelrope diameter (mm): Φ20
    Maximum through connector diameter (mm): Φ60
    Engine power /speed (kW/rpm):121/2500
    Dimensions (mm):3500×2100×2500
    Weight (kg): 4300
□  Feature :
    1. infinitely variable speed and linepull control ,the pull in the rope can be read on the line pull gauge .
    2. the max pull  for conductor –stringing operation can preset ,automatic overpull protection system .
    3. spring applied –hydraulic release brake acts automatically in case of hydraulic failure ensure to safety .
    4. hydraulic pull rope clamp ,replacing steel conveniently .
    5. attached reel winder with automatically level wind .load and unload conveniently .
□  Main component
    1. engine :Cummins (USA)water –cooled diesel engine .
    2. main variable displacement pump ,main motor :Rexroth (BOSCH)
    3. Reducer : Rexroth (BOSCH)
    4. Main hydraulic valves: Rexroth (BOSCH)
    5. Radiator :AKG
    6. Hydraulic instrument :WIKA
    7. Mating with model GSP1400 drum  (order number :07125C)
    8. you choose Cummins(DONGFENG) water –cooled diesel motor ,the mode is “YA-YQ90D”,order number:07042.