SA-JZ8G cable tensioners

 .Order number:20015

.Essential technical parameter

Rated tension (kN):6

Maximum tension (kN):8

Maximum speed (km/h):3.6

 Outside diameter of

wheel (mm):Φ916

Bottom of groove diameter :Φ800

Groove radius(mm):40

Brake disc diameter (mm): Φ500

Academic included angle (°):585

Academic included angle (°):210

Charged tyre pressure (Mpa):0.3-0.4

Dimensions (m): 2.8×1.4×1.0


.Uses: use for optic cable tension releasing.

 ·Feature :

1.fastened structure . operate credibility ,no noise, move flexible and maintain . convenient.

2.single groove dual-wheel structure ,as a passive tensioners.