Stringing blocks is used for electric power overhead transmission line installation. it is made of nlyon or aluminum. light weight and durable service life.
Ten years in string blocks' manufacture. This product is the main item and very popular among the mainland market.
a. We produce a lot of models for different useage in the overhead transmission line construction.
b. They are used to support conductors,OPGW, ADSS, communication cable.
c. The sheave of the pulley blocks are made from higth strength MC nylon,
and the frame of the blocks are made of galvanized steel. The lateral ones are mounted on ball bearings.
Model Number Rated Load Applicable Conductor ACSR Sheave Material Weight Demension
of sheave (KN) (sqmm) (Kg) Outside Dia*Groove Dia*Sheave Width
HC-LSB01 1 20 LGJ400 Nylon 19 508*408*75
HC-LSB02 3 40 60 508*408*100
HC-LSB03 5 60 75  
Remarks:  All kinds of pulley blocks can be manufactured according to the customers's requirements.
If any interesting, please feel free to contact with us for more information, 
and we will try our best to comply with your requirements.