SA-YZ 2*40 Hydraulic Tensioner 
·Essential parameter 
Maximum Tension(kN): 2×40or 1×70
Maximum continuous tension(kN):2×35 or 1×70
Maximum speed (km/h):5
Bullwheel bottom of groove diameter (mm) :Φ1500
Number of grooves:2×5             
Rated Linepull (kN):2×35 or 1×70
Maximum pulling speed (km/h):2×1
Maximum suitable conductor diameter (mm): Φ40
Engine power /speed (kW/r/min):49/2500
Electrical system: 24V
Dimensions (mm): 4350mm×2200mm×2300mm
Main Components
1. Engine :  “DEUTZ”  engine. Model: F4L912
2. Main variable pump:  “Danfoss” China-America joint venture company   Model: 90R055MA1AB80
3. Main motor: China-Italy joint venture company  IMZ
4. Reducer:  “AKG”  Model: 5206.204
5. Hydraulic meter: Hangzhou dongfang meter company or WIKA made in Jiangsu, China.
 (according to which one can supply meter earlier.)
6. Hydraulic valve: “Rexroth” technology  Model: 4WMM6e/d/j
7. Hydraulic accessories: Wenzhou liming hydraulic machinery company, model: WYZ-300T, filter: EF5-65
8. Hydraulic hose: Ningbo longsheng group company,   “O” shape connecting head(Germany “DIN” standard)
10. Tyre: Heavy load tyre from Zhangzhou chaoyang  Model 8.25-15
·feature :
1. Transmission device is adopted international advanced hydraulic drive system, infinitely variable speed and linepull control.
2. Braking device is adopted hydraulic pressure to open, and spring applied –hydraulic release brake acts automatically.
3. Hydraulic transmission is centralized control to be easy operation and reliable work.
4. Single-end pull-type which can be used in short-distance trail transport. 
5. With hydraulic output interface, used to drive hydraulic contractor reel.