Eight rotor unmanned drones (uav) is a kind of unmanned helicopter power exhibition exhibition guide line system, use of unmanned helicopter carrying a motorized, will lead to the end of the rope winding on the steel wheel of pay-off stand, the other side, in turn, from the conduit of pay-off stand, Fried through the chain, then the free end of the guide rope tied on weight;In unmanned helicopter arrived at the designated delivery point, under the action of braking force, weight falling;When the weight after falling to the specified location.Ground stations send unmanned helicopter continue to perform a task route instructions, unmanned helicopter in accordance with the set route set the flight in advance, to the next line.Stringing uavs using density is greater than the density of air craft, the wind resistance is strong, can meet the requirement in the complex environment the safety of the flight control.According to the requirement of the operation airspace to hover at the right moment, unmanned helicopter with a camera can assist earth station judge the distance with the tower personnel, ensure the safety of the flight distance.
Lead display device including pay-off frame, steel wheel, guide line, pay-off with decoupling controller, etc
Ground part includes: the ground station, task controller, video monitor, power supply, radio and antenna;Which fuses with the described device fixed or hanging at the bottom of the unmanned helicopter's belly, described in the guide rope end around in the feeding wheel, according to the other end
Described in unmanned helicopter also includes a video auxiliary system, by the installation in the two front and rear part of the unmanned helicopter airborne cameras, when meeting side wind switch to the secondary mode, the video assisted system about control of unmanned helicopter to offset a certain distance, ensure accurate guide line in place.